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There is Nothing Like Belly Dancing

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Combining a calorie-burning fitness routine and a fun, sexy, and enjoyable dancing activity is possible. Have you ever considered taking belly dance lessons for a change? Sure, you’ve gone to the gym, lifted some weights, run on the treadmill, and sweat it out on the static bike. You may have even tried some slower paced exercise like yoga, pilates, tai-chi, etcetera. Or perhaps, you joined all the marathon there is in the city and even jog regularly on a nearby park every single morning.Add paragraph text here.

But there really is nothing like being in belly dancing classes as Kat Darthmount, a belly dancing instructor in Singapore, would claim, “There is no other fitness and dancing activity like belly dancing. You can ask all my students how losing pounds every week is just a secondary reason why enrolled in my classes. Most of them would tell you how they love to reconnect with their body and how their inner woman is awakened every time they join in the sessions. Being in my belly dancing class also means you have a solid support system. Everyone here considers each other as their sisters.”

Some studies also found how belly dancers have a healthier view and a more positive perception about their body in general, “Researchers from Australia’s Flinders University had groups of belly dancers and non-belly dancers weigh in on their own perceived body image, how they believe others view their bodies, and the type of attention they attract from men. Their findings? On the whole, belly dancers are more satisfied with their appearances, have fewer self-objectifying thoughts, and care less about what others think about their bodies than those who don’t partake in the cult favorite activity,” wrote Korin Miller in her article for titled The Exercise that Makes You Feel Amazing About Yourself.

An article at shared how belly dancing (also known as raks sharki) is a good preparation for childbirth, “The movements of raks sharki make an excellent prenatal exercise regimen that strengthens the muscles used during the childbirth process. The toned abdominal muscles and natural hip tucks, which are similar to the "pelvic rocking" taught during prenatal classes, teach the expectant mother how to move her pelvis. For women who desire natural childbirth, this form of exercise through dance, with its emphasis on muscle control not only facilitates natural childbirth, but also makes an excellent post-natal exercise that helps encourage abdominal tone. During those first weeks after giving birth, when caution is needed while healing from the birth process, these movements work the muscles gently and effectively, if done very gradually.”

And although belly dancing’s reputation is that is it more of a dance than a full-body workout, its effect says otherwise, “Belly dancing strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, arms, and back muscles. By strengthening back muscles, it promotes good posture and prevents back injuries. During the belly dance, body weight is constantly shifted from one leg to another. In this way the impact on knees, ankles, and joints is minimal as they are strengthened in a safe way,” explained Jessica in her article 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Do Belly Dancing for

“Belly dancing is an art form, I shall say. Getting into it, for me, is a very spiritual experience. The music, the movement, there is something poetic about the body’s motion when we do it,” said Amanda who started joining a belly dance class in Singapore since 2014.

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