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Signs if you got the job or nah!

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There is nothing more agonising than waiting for a reply after an interview. It doesn’t matter how prepared you were for the interview there might be other candidates who did better than you. We have compiled some telltale signs to see if you got the job or not. Note that these are not sure fire signs you got the job.

If you aced the interview

Acing an interview is tough work. There are so many factors that are taken into consideration when hiring a candidate. They can focus on your experience, your qualifications, your personality, or the way you handled yourself during the interview. Here are some signs you just might’ve just gotten that job:

  1. Great conversation with the interviewer

Rapport with the person who interviewed you is always a good thing. It shows them that you can conduct yourself with great decorum. It also shows them that you can fit in their company. A sign that you are having a great interview is that the interviewer is listening and reacting to your answers. Laughing is also another sign because it shows that they are comfortable with you.

  1. Follow up is discussed

The most blatant sign is that they try to set up a follow up interview or procedure. It is a clear indicator that they are interested in you and they want you to be part of their company. If the interview went well, the recruitment agency would often indicate this before you leave the interview.

  1. Company low down

Giving you a company low down is an interviewer’s tactic in trying to persuade you to choose them. They might give you a tour of their offices or talk about the different perks and benefits of the company. This is a subliminal way for them to tell you to choose them.

If you didn’t nail the interview

Getting your hopes up for an interview with a recruitment agency in Singapore might affect your confidence when applying for another job. Here are some tips to tell if might not have aced that interview:

  1. Short interview

If your interview was done in a rush, there is a big likelihood that you didn’t get the job. It’s either they can see that you wouldn’t be fit for the job or your qualifications didn’t match the job’s requirements.

  1. No talk of salary or company perks

If the interviewer doesn’t mention salary at all during the interview phase, then they might not be interested in hiring you. They’ll only tell these things to interviewees that they are serious about hiring.

  1. No talk of future plans

Setting up plans for the future such as setting up another interview or just finding out how soon you can start are basic signs that tell you that they want to see the applicant again. If they don’t mention these things during the interview, it is another sign that they not might be interested.

Recruitment agencies in Singapore follow very strict protocols based on a company’s requirements. Remember that just because you had a bad interview doesn’t necessarily equate to you being a bad applicant.

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