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There is no denying that new information communication technology (ICT) has helped significantly enhanced modern business and consumer transactions, revolutionized access availability and access to information and improved over-all human interaction. In employment, it has vastly advanced opportunities for personal and professional development by facilitating knowledge of economics, fields and industries and vast options and directions for self-improvement.

But even with all the amenities and convenience of a vast network of modern ICT, finding employment can still be a very difficult task and sometimes, an unforgiving goal. Whether it’s a first job or a career development path, looking for a job that matches a person’s needs, expertise, skill, lifestyle, inclination and direction is a strenuous. With the increasing population of skilled and educated labor force seeking employment, job-hunting has even become more frustrating as job opening and opportunities begin to narrow and competition has begun expanding.

Outside ICT, there is help to be found in recruitment agencies. Referred to by many names like headhunters, search consultants or sourcers, this employment service outfits provide the necessary assistance to help clients land the job that ‘fits’ them best. Simply put, employment agencies match client with job opportunities or help companies find the best man for a job vacancy. And the increasing number of these employment placement agencies have dramatically increased worldwide, most notably in Singapore, the most densely populated country in the world. These Singapore recruitment agencies are mostly independent entities external to a company that specialize in a location, a profession, an industry, a job level, a search technology or method, in finding temporary assignments or a combination of these. As autonomous external agencies, they serve as intermediaries between an organisation that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for a job and help match the needs of both parties.

As far as number goes, there are at least five types of recruitment agencies in Singapore that provide services in recruitment and selection, project sourcing and interim recruitment and other professional growth services.

The most common type are headhunters that are called so because they work with companies to find suitable candidates based on company’s requirements and literally “hunt” for the best person for a job opening. Top headhunters in Singapore find suitable clients arrange short interviews or examinations and even conduct reference or background checks. Aside from type and process, recruitment firms in Singapore also vary in remuneration terms. Headhunters in Singapore are paid a certain portion of their individual clients’ salary upon employment or are compensated by the company with a finder’s fee.

And then there are executive search firms that operate similar to headhunters but focuses on finding competent individuals for senior level positions needs. Unlike headhunters however executive recruitment agencies in Singapore are paid with retainer’s fees.

Staffing agencies are temporary recruitment agencies that help recruit candidates to fill temporary positions in a company or organization like contractual or project-based personnel. Temporary recruitment agencies in Singapore are ‘niche’ agencies, discipline specific recruitment firms that work within very specific sectors such as engineering, computer science, aeronautics or maritime industries and seek out highly skilled and technically competent individuals for similarly highly technical job positions. These temporary recruitment agencies in Singapore are paid by lump sum which already includes hourly rates wages for the personnel it hires along with insurance and benefits. The temporary recruitment agency and takes its cut from the lump sum payment but is responsible for distributing the wages and benefits to the employed candidate.

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