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Comparing Mountain, Racer and BMX Options

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They call it the biking renaissance as the bicycle is no longer just a tool for sport but is actually redefining a new lifestyle among a diverse demographic. What used to be a simple machines with two-wheels, a wooden or metal frame and steering mechanism built simply as modest transportation, the modern day bike now serves a multitude of purposes: fashion, recreation, sports, and even serve as a mainstream alternative commuter system.

As such, there are now more than a hundred types of bicycles, on top of more than hundred bicycle brands in Singapore to choose from depending on specific preference and type of activity. For outdoor-oriented individuals, the mountain bike provides flexibility with its changing gears and large, thick wheels and its over-all built is best for various terrains including off-road trails. Currently, the mountain bike is perhaps the most popular bike due to its functionality in various settings and is one of the most bought bicycle in the world. Even as second hand bike, the mountain bike is still an attractive purchase for many consumers. The popular mountain bicycle brands are Shimano, Giant, Venzo, Maxxis, Kona and Banshee that are the most preferred items and brands in brand new and second hand bicycle shops in Singapore and are the most sought after parts in many bicycle assembly shops in the world.

Among sports enthusiasts however, the racer is a popular type made with high frames and large but thin wheels that allow fast movement across smooth terrains and are therefore best for competitions or speed junkies. Due to very specific performance requirements, many cycling enthusiasts prefer brand new rather than second hand racers. Many cyclists even prefer custom competition racers assembled with parts from bicycle brands like Colnago Arabesque, Parlee Chebacco, Jamis Xenith, Cannondale, Felt and Lightspeed. As an alternative however, second hand bike stores in Singapore offer custom assembly for hybrid racer-mountain bikes that provides the speed of racers and the tough built of mountain bikes for various terrains. Most of these hybrid bikes low budget options assembled from mid-grade carbon fibre and gears and utilities from bicycle brands like Trek and Cannondale which cheaper high-end brands.

Among hipsters, the BMX, a low, lightweight bike with frames designed for general comfort, is still a favourite among younger generation. Not generally built for extended rides like the mountain bike and the racer, the BMZ design instead appeals due to its better maneuverer ability and are therefore popular among exhibition artists and extreme game fanatics and can be found not just in the streets but in BMX racing tracks with various surfaces street, park, vert, dirt, and flatland in addition to stunt circuits like the high jump, leap of faith and drag. Bicycle shops in Singapore also provide parts and custom assembly services like any typical mountain and racer bicycle shops but they also offer wider range of accessories like shirts, shoes, shorts, jackets, caps even instructional DVDs and ramp assembly services that have a market among exhibition bike fanatics. As a recreational bicycle rather than competition model, BMX bikes are also widely popular among second hand bicycle shops in Singapore.

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